Recommend cosmetic packaging boxes, analyze and recommend from three perspectives
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Many customers hope that their questions can be answered, such as what material, process and box type are suitable for cosmetic packaging. Then we use years of experience to recommend cosmetic packaging boxes, so that customers' doubts can be answered.

Recommend cosmetic packaging boxes, analyze and recommend from three perspectives(图1)

1. Material, this depends on the customer's product. If the customer's product is a high-end line, then the paper can choose gold and silver cardboard, special paper, etc. If it is more popular, it can be used Single copper paper. Of course, cosmetic packaging boxes are recommended, and specific things need to be analyzed in detail. It would be better if there are design documents.

2. Process, which requires the customer to provide design documents, and let the process department of Star Way Packaging Co., Ltd to carry out the restoration to recommend the cosmetic packaging box. If the consumer group is a woman, it can be reversed UV to increase the convexity, which can better increase the beauty. If it is a man, it can be a single copper paper bronzing silver, and the key points are directly ironed out, straight to the point. If it is a small and fresh route, it can be embossed and hot gold silver, so it has its own style.

3. Box type, we can give customers a satisfactory recommendation according to the contents of the package. Because this box type is a specific analysis of specific things, if the recommended cosmetic packaging box is a single product box, you need to look at the weight of the contents, and if it is a set box, you need to look at the placement and overall size. Specific analysis is required.