High-end cosmetic packaging box, customized high-end according to your needs
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Many customers have a distress, that is, their own packaging is holding back. Many high-end cosmetic packaging boxes of customers have been deleted before they are available, because manufacturers feel that the process is difficult to implement the effect that customers want. Today, it can be customized according to the needs of customers without deletion.

High-end cosmetic packaging box, customized high-end according to your needs(图1)

A high-end cosmetic packaging box must have this good design, and the production is also guided by design documents. Star Way Packaging Co., Ltd has many years of production experience, has a deep understanding of process materials, and has corresponding production equipment. The customer's files can be specifically restored on the box.

Star Way Packaging Co., Ltd can customize high-end cosmetic packaging boxes according to customers' requirements.

The customer sent Star Way a high-end cosmetic packaging box for production, with the effect of frosted glossy powder on it. So Star Way used silk-screened colorful UV and rough matte to make samples for customers. After the customer felt that there was no problem, mass production was carried out. When it came to the screen printing step, Star Way tried a sample first, and found that the die-cutting on the screen-printed area would burst, so it was changed, and then the large-scale goods were made.