New Year New office
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Since its establishment, Xingzhihui has made brilliant achievements one step at a time. With the further expansion of the company, in 2021, the company will reach a new level. In the headquarters base of Qiaoyun Industrial Park, it will purchase a new office space with a single house. Production workshops, office buildings, dining halls, dormitories, squares and parking lots. On October 1st, the company held a grand housewarming celebration during the first spring and summer flowers and the gorgeous summer flowers. On that day, the company arranged extra festive flower baskets. The brocades and banners fluttered together, forming a sea of festivities,

At 9:00 in the morning, all the staff of various departments and branches came to the company early for the relocation and relocation. The venue was in full swing. After everyone's efforts, the head office officially settled in the new office building. , The rest area was full of laughter, full of voices, and the scene was very warm. The leaders of the Electric Supervision Office of the competent unit, representatives of the chamber of commerce, partners and company customers witnessed this beautiful moment of celebration.

The banquet was arranged at the Kande Hotel. About 120 guests attended the banquet on the same day. At the sign-in counter at the entrance of the banquet, the band specially arranged by the company played melodious violins and quartets. The marketing center presented gifts to the customers present. Ms. Hong, the general manager of the company, delivered a speech at the dinner, thanked the guests for their attention, welcomed and looked forward to the future after the company moved to a new location. After the speech, Mr. Hong stepped down and led the company's colleagues to toast the guests and celebrate the celebration dinner. The atmosphere reached a climax.